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How to Choose Electroplating Raw Material Manufacturers


When selecting electroplating raw material manufacturers, the following factors can be considered: Product quality and performance: The first thing to pay attention to is the quality and performance of the electroplating raw materials provided by the manufacturer. Understand the technical indicators, material composition, and compliance with relevant standards and regulations of its products. You can refer to the evaluations and feedback of other customers, or request manufacturers to provide product samples for actual testing and evaluation.

Application of VALE sulfur-containing nickel beads


VALE sulfur-containing nickel beads, also known as VALE NiSX beads, have various applications in different industries. Some common applications of VALE sulfur-containing nickel beads are

Production skills of zinc alloy products


Zinc alloy is widely used in sanitary ware, luggage, shoes and clothing accessories because of its convenient forming, strong plasticity, low cost and high processing efficiency. However, the manufacturing and production of zinc alloy products is a very difficult question. To produce a good product is not only the final plating; the painting must be done well. From material selection to design, every process such as molds is closely related.

Copper plating bath formula


Process conditions: pH value 9.2—9.8, working voltage 8—14V, relative movement speed of anode and anode 6—12m/min, solution color is blue-purple, copper ion concentration 64g/L, power consumption coefficient 0.079A·h/(dm2 ·Μm), the safety thickness of the coating is 0.13mm, the coating volume is 716μm·dm2/L, and the coating hardness is HRC21. Add 2/3 of distilled water or deionized water to the container, and then add copper sulfate. After stirring to dissolve, slowly add ethylenediamine under constant stirring. After cooling to room temperature, adjust the pH to about 9.7 with sulfuric acid. Dilute with distilled water

Environmental protection alloy series process range conditions


1. Environmentally friendly alloy substitution of nickel and chromium    Stannous chloride 30-40g/L    Cobalt chloride 8-12g/L    Potassium pyrophosphate 220-280g/L   Additive 20-30ml/L

Chromium plating series process range conditions


1. Chromium plating process range conditions    Chromic acid 180-250g/L    Sulfuric acid 0.5-1.1g/L   2A additive 5-10ml/L   2B additive 15-20ml/L
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